Monastry in Gerri de la Sal

A walk that ends up with the access to the imposing church of Santa Maria de Gerri (12th century) allows you to find out about the Benedictine monks who used to manage it. Thanks to the control of salt, they ran one of the richest monasteries in all the Pyrenees.

Restaurant Arturo

Home cooking made of traditional products and dishes. Our menu starts with an assortment of cold meats from the Pallars region, followed by à la carte starters and main courses, based on grandma’s recipes such as escudella (vegetable and meat broth), snails with sauce, stewed pig trotters, bull tail, …

El Vinyer

El Vinyer is a family-run company dedicated to grape farming and wine making. To start with their project, El Vinyer recovered a phylloxera free area of vines. The local climate, characterized by a high thermic contrast between day and night, is perfect to obtain high quality grapes and make very fresh wines.

Casa Churchill

Casa Churchill is a cottage from which you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the regional Pyrenees and pre-Pyrenees. Its strategic location allows you to live tourism in all its variety: hiking in low, medium and high mountain; cycle touring; culture; gastronomy; handicraft; traditions, …

Serra Boumort

SERRA BOUMORT gives you the opportunity to discover Boumort National Natural Reserve by 4×4 vehicles or on foot. The wide range of routes will make you enjoy the wonderful views and give you the opportunity to see animals in the wild. One of the stellar activities in the reserve is the deer rut (September-October).

Hostal Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a familiar hotel-restaurant where you can enjoy both creative and traditional dishes in a quiet and warm atmosphere. Good starting point for many excursions and activities in the area. Complete and economical daily menu and à la carte seasonal dishes.