Conjunt Modernista Casa Mauri

Visit to the old facilities of the old oil mill in La Pobla de Segur. This mill has all the primitive nature of industrial machinery used for the development of the oil industry of a long tradition in the region. Also visit the exterior of Casa Mauri (now the city hall of La Pobla de Segur ).

Casa Churchill

Casa Churchill is a cottage from which you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the regional Pyrenees and pre-Pyrenees. Its strategic location allows you to live tourism in all its variety: hiking in low, medium and high mountain; cycle touring; culture; gastronomy; handicraft; traditions, …


Going deep into nature accompanied by a guide is a unique experience. It is like learning to assess every single detail and getting new and unexpected elements of knowledge. Our guides will teach you to grow as a person, adapt to and enjoy your natural environment. Nature will give you confidence, enrichment and a new way to approach the world around you.

Licors Portet

This liqueur factory was founded in 1883 by three brothers: Josep, Baldomero and Antonio Ribera, from Cal Col·lector, in the village of Conques, in the Pallars Jussà region. They later moved to La Pobla de Segur, where they set up a little distillery to make different kinds of eau de vie and liqueurs.

Casa Toni

Casa Toni is an independent cottage located in Hortoneda, a very quiet village surrounded by mountains, ideal to relax, take a break, enjoy nature, and go trekking through the many neighbouring routes.