Restaurant de Gurp

Peaceful and welcoming familiar restaurant where you can enjoy traditional recipes of the region and the best meat in the Pyrenees, holm oak charcoal grilled. The menu consists of about twenty varied dishes including vegetarian options prepared with top quality product.

El Vinyer

El Vinyer is a family-run company dedicated to grape farming and wine making. To start with their project, El Vinyer recovered a phylloxera free area of vines. The local climate, characterized by a high thermic contrast between day and night, is perfect to obtain high quality grapes and make very fresh wines.

Casa Masover

Casa Masover is one of the first country houses in Vall of Manyanet that modernised its facilities. It now offers 8 rooms with bathroom and wonderful views of the marvellous high mountain landscapes of the valley as well as 18 spacious fully equipped apartments (40- 65 m2) for 2-4 people.


THE CICLE We live today in a culture that uses and throws away furniture and decorative items of dubious quality and aesthetics. Against this backdrop, the tables, light fixtures and accessòries of Jordi Piqué can be categorized as unique. In fact, they are. The soul of the olive tree, its wood, scent and the eternal […]

Serra Boumort

SERRA BOUMORT gives you the opportunity to discover Boumort National Natural Reserve by 4×4 vehicles or on foot. The wide range of routes will make you enjoy the wonderful views and give you the opportunity to see animals in the wild. One of the stellar activities in the reserve is the deer rut (September-October).

Casa Badia

This officially recognised butcher’s shop makes its own typical and traditional products of the Pallars region such as xolís (dried saucisson), girella (lamb and rice sausage), coquetes (garnished bread dough), farcit de Carnestoltes (typical cold meat made for Carnival), gossets (sausages), meat confit, …