Agenda: Ecotourism

Deer rut

Track deers with your ears wide open, preferably at dawn or at dusk, which are the best moment for observation. The high location will allow you to enjoy the beauty of these moments of day in all their splendour....

Mushroom hunting

Who doesn’t like mushrooms? In Catalonia, collecting and eating them is a real passion. Come and hunt mushrooms with us, get to distinguish them and find where they hide, respecting their environment.

El Vinyer cellar

If you like wine and feel a bit curious about its world, this visit will show you the whole production process. The location of the winery will allow you to see the way grapes are grown and processed to...

Trout fishing

Both children and adults can enjoy a fishing day at Senterada’s fish hatchery, along the right bank of river Bosia, whose ponds are filled with the cold waters that flow down the mountains of Manyanet Valley.

Floating among the stars

Trekking, canyoning, star observation ... followed by a great night sleep in the trees, under the stars. Concoct a tailor-made experience and make it unique thanks to our recommendations. Don’t miss the opportunity to sleep among the stars and...

Discovering nature

Activities aimed at families who want to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature in order to discover the small wildlife: Discover the bats with the help of the ecotracker. River biodiversity. Meadow fauna and flora .

Feel the sound of deer rutting

Come and live, feel, observe and hear the deer rutting: a unique experience. In September and October –this specie’s rutting season–, the adult males make very characteristic guttural sounds, called the bellow, in order to mark their territory and...

From de rock to the glass

Find out about the wines produced by Sauvella in an amazing landscape that evokes a 100 million-year-old sea. You will see the underground of the vineyard that keeps the remains of the last dinosaurs in Europe and end up the...