Agenda: Hiking

A bird’s eye view

Our passion is looking at the sky and at its inhabitants, the most spectacular being the birds of prey, really abundant in the region. This activity aimed at wildlife observation will make you walk through easy paths that lead...

Snow tracking

Winter is the perfect moment to discover wildlife thanks to the footprints animals leave on the snow. Take this opportunity to  get deep in the mountain wood and learn how to distinguish the different footprints.

Deer rut

Track deers with your ears wide open, preferably at dawn or at dusk, which are the best moment for observation. The high location will allow you to enjoy the beauty of these moments of day in all their splendour....

Snowshoeing through the Jussà region

If you like mountains, sports or hiking, do not hesitate: winter is also a great moment to enjoy different experiences, views and sensations. Thanks to the tracks left by the animals on the snow, the observation and monitoring of...

Ski mountaineering

Discover some new landscapes and places accompanied by skilled and experienced skiers who will find the best descents to make you enjoy powder snow in all its splendour.