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Restaurant Alberg La Torre Vall Fosca

Restaurant Alberg La Torre Vall Fosca

The restaurant of the Alberg la Torre Vall Fosca places special emphasis on home cooking where they work with local products and offer typical dishes from the Pallars as well as the Penedès, where the couple is from.

Wide range of offerings from sandwiches or toast to local cheese and sausage assortments, to the menu or express menu.

The most successful dishes we make are xató, gutters with mushroom béchamel, mountain rice, trinxat, palpis, chicken with prawns, sausage sprinkled with mushrooms, round cut of organic veal, lamb stew with olives. We also like to make our desserts, dark valley walnut custard with ratafía reduction, nut and banana cakes, gingerbread with chunks of the piece.

In the sandwiches or toasts we have different types of burgers, bacon and sausage of well-known pork, sausages and cheeses from Pallars.


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