Casa Cotet

Casa Cotet is a very welcoming cottage located in the village of Cellers that proposes five fully-equipped rooms (bathroom, heating and air conditioning), four of which with balcony and spectacular view of Terradets lake and Montysec mountain. Casa Cotet’s...

Casa Toni

Casa Toni is an independent cottage located in Hortoneda, a very quiet village surrounded by mountains, ideal to relax, take a break, enjoy nature, and go trekking through the many neighbouring routes.

Hotel Segle XX

Segle XX Hotel is a familiar hotel that has been offering its services since 1880. More than 130 years of history and experience at your disposal. Its ideal location, vocational service and incomparable environment will make turn your stay...

La Fabrica

Accommodation for up to 15 people located in a unique landscape. Surrounded by the river Bosia, the property includes the ancient woollen blankets factory (1876) converted into a museum and the fish farm, where you can fish and buy...

Alberg Talarn

Alberg de Talarn is a living and dynamic reception centre, a space to share, live and experiment livened up by a group of people who are motivated by the idea of making their little project grow.