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The olive tree experience

SOKA offers you an olive tree experience which involves a short guided walk through a field of millenary olive trees and through a field...

Barta Tower – house museum

Come and visit a medieval tower in Salàs de Pallars that is more than 1000 years old and has got two permanent exhibitions: restored...

Sauvella, premium wine from the Pyrenees

Sauvella is located in a charming place, with a castle on top of the mountain, dinosaur footprints at its foot, olive trees, sheep, …...

The vultures’ dining room

Every Saturday, Casal dels Voltors –information point specialised in nature tourism– invites you to see live and direct of vultures are fed through a...
Allotjaments al Pallars Jussà


32 different types of accommodation (tourism, hotels, inn, hostel, hostels, shelter, camping, apartments) offer their services ....

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Activitats de lleure al Pallars Jussà


More than sixty companies of sports and leisure activities in the region that offer Pallars Jussà know differently..

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Restaurants al Pallars Jussà


Kitchen home, Vanguard design with local produce, seasonal and quality we enjoy in our restaurants..

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Productors del Pallars Jussà

Local products

Local products such as honey, cheese, wine, meat, girella, xolís, cakes, aromatic plants ....

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