Agenda: Spring

Visit Castell de Mur

Visit the architectural ensemble of Mur and listen to the story of the County of Pallars Jussà, its territory, its canonical community and the first tearing down of murals in Catalonia. An exciting explanation related inside the best preserved...

Boumort 4×4

Penetrate deep into Boumort Game Reserve and discover its changing flora, its geological ealth and its abundant wildlife, which comprises species such as common deer, chamois, roe deer and fallow deer. Enjoy this unforgettable landscape!

Discovering nature

Activities aimed at families who want to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature in order to discover the small wildlife: Discover the bats with the help of the ecotracker. River biodiversity. Meadow fauna and flora .

Work as a shepherd at Casa Mateu

Come and live an unforgettable experience working as a shepherd at Casa Mateu, in the village of Toralla. You will know about a flock of xisqueta sheep and its shepherd and we will show you our farm and how...

Enduro in Pallars

Collegats gorge and Boumort mountain are two incredible sites, two of the wildest places in the Pyrenees where you can easily see animals in their natural habitat and feel the magic of old times in abandoned villages. If you...

Vultures’ feaste

A visual scene you won’t ever forget. Live an experience that will make you feel speechless. From the bird hide, imagine hundreds of vultures flying around your head before fiercely fighting to get the best remains. This activity includes...

Red Mountain Beer Fest

On June 15 comes the second edition of Red Mountain Beer Fest. The 1st Beer Festival made and made in the Pyrenees. The best beers from the mountains of Catalonia – Aragón – Basque Country – Navarre and France.