Agenda: Spring

Discovering nature

Activities aimed at families who want to live an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature in order to discover the small wildlife: Discover the bats with the help of the ecotracker. River biodiversity. Meadow fauna and flora .

A bird’s eye view

Our passion is looking at the sky and at its inhabitants, the most spectacular being the birds of prey, really abundant in the region. This activity aimed at wildlife observation will make you walk through easy paths that lead...

Vultures’ feaste

A visual scene you won’t ever forget. Live an experience that will make you feel speechless. From the bird hide, imagine hundreds of vultures flying around your head before fiercely fighting to get the best remains. This activity includes...

Trout fishing

Both children and adults can enjoy a fishing day at Senterada’s fish hatchery, along the right bank of river Bosia, whose ponds are filled with the cold waters that flow down the mountains of Manyanet Valley.

Mushroom hunting

Who doesn’t like mushrooms? In Catalonia, collecting and eating them is a real passion. Come and hunt mushrooms with us, get to distinguish them and find where they hide, respecting their environment.

Work as a shepherd at Casa Mateu

Come and live an unforgettable experience working as a shepherd at Casa Mateu, in the village of Toralla. You will know about a flock of xisqueta sheep and its shepherd and we will show you our farm and how...