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Vultures’ feaste

A visual scene you won’t ever forget. Live an experience that will make you feel speechless. From the bird hide, imagine hundreds of vultures flying around your head before fiercely fighting to get the best remains. This activity includes deer observation in the Game Reserve. […]

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Feel the sound of deer rutting

Come and live, feel, observe and hear the deer rutting: a unique experience. In September and October –this specie’s rutting season–, the adult males make very characteristic guttural sounds, called the bellow, in order to mark their territory and catch the attention of the females in heat. […]

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A bird’s eye view

Our passion is looking at the sky and at its inhabitants, the most spectacular being the birds of prey, really abundant in the region. This activity aimed at wildlife observation will make you walk through easy paths that lead to those species’ habitat. […]

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