Agenda: Winter

Floating among the stars

Trekking, canyoning, star observation ... followed by a great night sleep in the trees, under the stars. Concoct a tailor-made experience and make it unique thanks to our recommendations. Don’t miss the opportunity to sleep among the stars and...

Vultures’ feaste

A visual scene you won’t ever forget. Live an experience that will make you feel speechless. From the bird hide, imagine hundreds of vultures flying around your head before fiercely fighting to get the best remains. This activity includes...

Snow tracking

Winter is the perfect moment to discover wildlife thanks to the footprints animals leave on the snow. Take this opportunity to  get deep in the mountain wood and learn how to distinguish the different footprints.

Ski mountaineering

Discover some new landscapes and places accompanied by skilled and experienced skiers who will find the best descents to make you enjoy powder snow in all its splendour.

Visit the Epicentre

At the Visitor Centre, all the Pallars region is at your fingertips. An essential experience if you want to know more about our natural and cultural heritage through videos, 3D room and interactive devices that talk about geology, dinosaurs,...