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Casa Bigodé Refuge

Casa Bigodé Refuge

The Casa Bigodé Rural Refuge is an initiative of the housing cooperative in cession of use Envall Coop, which was born with the aim of revitalizing the town of Envall (Vall Fosca), both in terms of population, architecture and socio-economic.

Envall was uninhabited for almost 30 years as a result of rural depopulation caused by the exodus to the cities. But for the past 18 years, new neighbors have returned to life in the village. We are the neighbors who have promoted the cooperative and the Casa Bigodé Refuge and Training School, which is part of the first phase of the ReHabitar Envall project.

It was an old barn of almost 350 m2, one of the largest houses in the village of Envall, which was completely in ruins, although we know that it had also been housing.

In 2018 we begin the work of demolition and rehabilitation of the building which will be completed in 2020 and during 2020 the equipment will be put into operation through a cooperative management capable of generating economic activity and jobs.

The management of the Refuge is done in a cooperative way, through a group of people who also dynamize it so that it becomes a cultural and socializing space of the Valley.

It is an ideal facility for group stays (leisure, sports, work, holidays…), a place to escape and a meeting place for Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) organizations in a rural and mountain environment.