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We live today in a culture that uses and throws away furniture and decorative items of dubious quality and aesthetics. Against this backdrop, the tables, light fixtures and accessòries of Jordi Piqué can be categorized as unique. In fact, they are.

The soul of the olive tree, its wood, scent and the eternal essence of its characteristics are merged with creativity and modernity in a complex process of craftsmanship, resultin in a unique and exclusive treatment.


THE SOUL: Jordi Piqué

Designer, Catalan, Nonconformist.Remanufacturer. Perfectionist. Crazy.

Industrial designer and patternmaker, Jordi Piqué carries out multifaceted activities that bring together interior design, furniture design, sculpture, jewelry and temporary architecture. Under the SOKA label, he creates oneofakind furniture and accessòries in centenarian olive wood, giving each piece a new, vital dimension. Respect for the environament, the search for purity and development of a formal concept confers upon his pieces special strength and character.



SOKA is an innovative project focused on exclusive furniture and objects made of olive wood, falling somewhere between sculpture and design.

It involves a reutilization process that completes the life cycle of the olive tree, one of the most emblemàtic Woods of our culture, recuperating its soul, when its remains might only be used as firewood.

A closeness to nature in order to recover its wisdom, personality and elegance.

The tree is our seed.

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