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El Vinyer

El Vinyer

El Vinyer, located in Fígols de Tremp al Pallars Jussà, is a family-run company dedicated to growing grapes and making wine.

Before phylloxera arrived in Catalonia, Pallars Jussà had around 8,000 hectares of vines and was known as the winery of the Pyrenees. El Vinyer has recovered one of these old production areas to plant his vines. The estate is located in an area known as ‘the vineyards of Fígols’ where, for decades, the villagers cultivated their vineyards. Even today this area is known by its old name. It was therefore an ideal place to start this project.

In El Vinyer, the harvest is done manually in 12 kg boxes. As the winery is on the same farm, the grapes arrive there in a very short time, preserving their organoleptic properties to the maximum.

The climate of the area, with a high thermal contrast between day and night, allows obtaining high quality grapes for the production of very fresh wines.